The whole world goes a’ buzz when Apple releases a new product. Even when it’s a 5th or 6th generation re-release of a ‘new’ product, like the iPhone 6 for example.

After the big release a couple of days ago, there’s chatter going around saying that the iPhone 6 is basically a 2012 version of Google Nexus 4. And they even have an ugly graphic with comparable tech specifications to prove it!

When writing this I don’t remember the thought of a Google Nexus 4 coming to mind, do you? Obviously the latest iPhone is going to be a smashing success, while that other phone clearly wasn’t.

Why is that? I believe that the answer is pretty straightforward; the Apple brand promises ease of use, simplicity and beautiful design coming together.

This simple premise doesn’t just work in the tech space, it encompasses all fields and all products. You can call it the ‘cool’ factor if you want, but people are wired to react and purchase on an emotional level. Something that looks appealing while speaking ‘I can make your life better’ will beat the endless ‘feature’ game every time.

Steve Jobs himself said way back that they were on a mission to create art, to disrupt the status quo, and that they would never try to compete on technology jargon that doesn’t speak to the heart.
Good marketing philosophy.